Services we provide.

Data 360 Analytics Butique

Our services focus on key challenges, that businesses face today in terms of data. We can help you by auditing, consulting and directly implementing tailor-made data solutions. 

Data consulting

We audit and consult how you collect, store, process and visualize data. We check tracking tools and data warehouses configuration as well as run custom analyzes for you.

Example projects:

Data strategy

We create data strategies for even the most custom data projects and help you implement them.

Project examples:

Tracking implementation

We create and implement tailor-made, consent-mode-aware tracking strategies across all of your tools on web and mobile apps.

Tools we worked with so far:

Data integration

We integrate key data sources including profits, cost, CRM & e-commerce to find invaluable insights on customers, products and business performance.

Example projects:

Data visualization

We work with all the most popular data visualization tools. We configure, create data models and deliver tailor-made, easily-readable charts & dashboards.

Tools we worked with so far:

Your tools / needs are not on the list above? No need to worry! Contact us and let’s see how we can help!